What you get?

  • Authentic packaging:
  • chess board
  • set of figures
  • scroll with text of legend (cro / eng)
  • bags for figures
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Product declarations

Product name
Chess set "Legend of the Croatian Coat of Arms"

the idea of mr. Ivan Brekalo
by Miro Župa, BA in Sculpture
Figure manufacturer
Foundry PES
Figure material
Zinc alloy
Figure weight
2,7 kg
Height of king
90 mm
Figure base
31 mm
Chessboard material
olive wood
Dimension of chess field
40 mm
Dimension of chessboard
~48 cm
Weight of chess set
~5,5 kg
Year of production
Country of origin
Places on market
I Pro Domo d.o.o.
Spinčićeva 17/I Split
21000 Croatia