The Legend of the

Croatian Coat of Arms

throughout their history, the croats frequently had to go to war to fight for their independence and their country.

Over a thousand years ago, King Drzislav of Croatia and the Venetian Doge Pietro II Orseolo fought numerous battles for control of the sea and islands that lay between their territories.

According to legend, following yet another bloody battle, they hit upon a novel idea – to move the fight from the battlefield to the chessboard.

They agreed to play three games of chess and that the winner would reign for once and for all over that part of the Adriatic Sea. After a lengthy struggle fall of twists and turns, King Drzislav defeated the Venetian Doge.

In gratitude and rememberance of the event, the Croatian King choose a red and white chequerboard for his coat of arms as well as that of the Croatian state, and it has remained Croatia`s symbol to this day.

This legend embodies the desire of the Croatian people for their freedom and an independent state since the country`s beginnings in the seventh century. It illustrates the Croat`s ingenuity both in battle and in chess when facing those who wanted to capture this beautiful land from them.